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Задание ЕГЭ из раздела “Чтение” и анализ проведенного контроля


Your letters.

This month we discuss the problem of smoking.

A. Smoking is not illegal in our country and it raises the amount of tax revenues. But being highly addictive, it is more complex than a mere lifestyle choice, unlike, say, anorexia, which is a huge drain on resources caused entirely by middle-class attention-seeking by spoilt narcissists.

B. I saw this photo that was taken two weeks ago. Robert Pattinson’s fans saw him puffing on a cigarette. People like him should not smoke or drink. They should be good role models for kids and teens. Why do people smoke anyway if it kills them?

C. Amy Winehouse failed. She left a hospital yesterday looking much better – but it wasn’t long before she ruined it all by lighting up a cigarette. The troubled singer, who doctors have confirmed is suffering from mild emphysema as a result of her smoking habits, has been warned that if she continues to smoke, the lung disease will worsen. We know quitting can be tough, but surely a bout of emphysema is enough to stop smoking? Amy’s stay in the hospital appears to have done some good. We only wish she’d find the strength to kick her smoking habit. Come on Amy, put it out!

D. There is nothing wrong with my bizarre behaviour. I admit I’ll have a puff on a cigarette and then put it out. I probably can give up smoking, but I haven’t. My doctor told me it would be more stressful to give up now than to have one or two.

E. I’m working as a club spokesman for London’s Cafe de Paris nightclub. We take smoking in our club very seriously as it is against the law. Yesterday evening we had a scandal with Emma Barton. Emma with some friends was at our club when she naughtily lit up a cigarette and tried to smoke it under a table. Security asked Emma to leave after she was caught smoking a cigarette with a female pal. But Emma was extremely polite and kept apologizing, so she was allowed to stay. Emma faced a £2,500 fine.

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F. A lot of celebrities take to smoking. In a magazine I’ve read the latest news about Britney Spears. She’s been smoking like a chimney for a few years now, so it comes as a surprise to us that she still looks like she’s trying her first cigarette at the school disco. The fallen pop star was also spotted lighting up at a petrol station earlier this week. Has anyone told her smoking is not smart?

G. I went through a non-smoking program requiring payment some years ago. The last cigarette I smoked was the day I learned about my father’s disease. I am scared by the fact that smoking gives you incurable diseases. But then, once you have children, if you’ve witnessed a death like I did with my father, you just can’t start smoking. But I’ve decided that when I’m about 70 I’m going to start smoking again.

Which person(‘s)

1) parent had a dangerous illness

2) believes that smoking is addictive

3) tells about a celebrity that got in trouble for smoking in a club

4) tells as a fan of a famous actor

5) wants to start smoking in old age

6) believes that smoking is deadly

7) supposes that smoking is a more complicated problem than others believe

8) believes that smoking is a silly habit

9) says he/she is in the habit of smoking and can’t give it up right now

10) advises celebrities to set a good example to teenagers

11) tells that another person suffers of a bout of emphysema

12) smoking brings an economical benefit

13) says that a person’s lung disease will worsen unless she stops smoking

14) speaks about another terrible disease – anorexia

15) paid for non-smoking lessons

Answers: 1. G; 2. A; 3. E; 4. B; 5. G; 6. B; 7. A; 8. F; 9. D; 10. B; 11. C; 12. A; 13. C; 14. A; 15. G

Анализ результатов:

Объектом контроля является чтение. Для создания теста использованы выдержки из писем читателей, опубликованных в английских периодических журналах.

Предлагается текст объемом 1 страница. Учащимся предлагается прочитать текст и выполнить следующее за ним задание на установление соответствия. (Контроль проводился в группе 9 “А” класса школы No. 1383.) 1,9% учеников получили отметку “2”; 25% – отметку “3”; 48,6% – отметку “4” и 13% – отметку “5”. Средний балл по английскому языку – 64,4.

Проверялось умение понять основную тему текста.

Главной задачей контроля являлось:

• ознакомление с форматом заданий ЕГЭ;

• отработку четкого следования инструкций к заданию;

• развитие умения укладываться в регламент времени, отведенного на выполнение конкретного задания;

• ознакомление с критериями оценивания заданий, объяснение предъявляемых требований.

Анализ результатов выполнения теста (раздел “Чтение”) показал, что у учащихся в целом сформировано умение понимать аутентичные тексты различных жанров и типов. Однако у учащихся имеются типичные ошибки:

• Неправильно определяют ключевые слова, в тексте.

• Ищут ответ, основываясь на значении отдельного слова.

• Пытаются найти в тексте лексику, использованную в вопросе, не стараясь подобрать синонимы или синонимичные выражения к словам из текста.

Е. И. Лагутина ,
школа № 1383, г. Москва