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"World in Children's Hands"

International Children's English Festival in Bulgaria

The festival will be held in Balchik, Bulgaria from 03.07.2010 to 17.07.2009. Balchik is an ancient, picturesque town situated on the Black Sea.

Festival Motto: “We come from different cultures and celebrate diversity. This is our wealth. We are united and live together. This is our strength.”

The festival will be organized by:

• Municipality of Balchik: Education and Humanitarian Activities Sector

• Cultural Centre of Balchik

• The headmaster of a private English school Svetlana Atanasova

Goals and objectives for the festival:

1. To develop a cultural connection through usage of the English language.

2. To arouse the interest of students with the English language through their creative skills and talent.

3. To give teachers the opportunity to share their collective teaching experience.

4. To give students the opportunity to share their experiences and passion for English learning.

Objectives for Festival Participants:

1. To familiarize students with the culture, literature and history of England and English-speaking countries.

2. To help students become creative with English through drama.

3. To build and strengthen English fluency for participants through performance.

4. To demonstrate, through means of language, levels of English relevant to the students’ ages.

5. To motivate students to improve their level of English.

6. To inspire participants by letting them express their creative talents and to work in a team.

7. To develop and cultivate tolerance and friendly relations towards different cultures.

8. To develop and create relationships with students from other countries.

Eligible Participants for the festival:

Children`s groups who study English as a foreign language in state or private schools.

Age of the participants:

1st category – from 8 up to 11

2nd category – from 12 up to 13

3rd category – from 14 up to 16

Nominations – drama art, vocal skills


• Participants must perform extracts from works of literature of English or English-speaking peoples; sketches, anecdotes or fairy tales. An English song , a poem or an extract of English literary work can be also performed by a soloist.

• Plays can be literary, musical or dramatic in form.

• Participants can use vocals, dances, light and sound effects, and technical equipment.

• The maximum time allotment for the play no more than 10 minutes. Time for preparation – 5 minutes.

Assessment criteria for participants:

– Correct pronunciation and intonation

– Language knowledge and use of English in accordance with the age of the participants

– Degree to which the play has an emotional effect on the audience

– Originality of the plays

– The performances must be in accordance with the project

– Vocal skills of soloists.

Awards for the participants:

• There will be a first , second and third place for each category.

• Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a souvenir.

During the festival each group must take part in:

– inauguration of the festival

– competition

– festival activities

– preparation of the events, devoted to culture of different countries

– appointment with the mayor of the town

Participant and group applications must be sent by e-mail of fax.

Deadline: May 15th, 2010.


Tel.: 00359887464748; 0035957976204 (Svetlana Atanasova)

Fax: 0035957975204

E-mail: svetla_atanasova123@abv.bg

By Svetlana Atanasova ,
Balchik, Bulgaria