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My Fab Gal Pal

My BFF (Best Fab Friend) is Tanyushka. We are always on the same wave. Our friendship is like a couple that’s figure skating on ice, but only in real life. I mean we have tons of cool stuff which cannot be done alone. And we always try to follow our favorite saying: ‘If you are stuck in routine, you need an injection of fun!’

We are constantly on the move and we always create a totally cool vibe to do tricks. We enjoy attaching stickers to the back of the most peevish girl in our class, imitating the strictest teacher at school, setting afloat the idlest gossip about the classmates.

Also we can’t help behaving like innocent hooligans. Well, for example, during lessons we love to draw comics about our teacher looking like a sad puppy and then turning into a gloomy dog. Sometimes we entertain ourselves by using the areas of supermarkets to ride the shopping carts and escaping strict security guards. When we do this, we imagine ourselves as main characters in an adventure film. It’s amazing! It would look crazy if one of us did it by herself, it would look as if she lost her mind, but if we do it together it looks like a girlish trick.

Our best thing is to be late for classes! If we are late and turn up together in the classroom it’s always more difficult to punish us. The teacher starts scolding and his eyes seem to go right through us but he only wastes his strength on the two of us. Very soon it results in his quick exhaustion and he eventually gives up. The coolest thing in this event is that the nagging stimulates us like a powerful burst of energy!

The funniest thing in “our pair figure skating in life” is having eyes popping out of our heads in any situation, “Don’t know! Don’t remember! Didn’t see! We weren’t there! Oh, you simply took us for somebody else!” My friend plays awfully up to me. The most difficult thing about it is neither overplay nor burst into laughter. Two girls exonerating one another is the best factory of lies in the world. Though it’s better to be more careful (we are very experienced in it) because your lie can unexpectedly boomerang against you. So now we are trying not to abuse it. You see we are the great drama actresses!

Hitting the mall is of vital importance for our cool vibe. Risk that our shopping will result in our turning into twins is in no danger. We are sure that we can always come to an agreement. For instance, one of us will buy a mat lip gloss meanwhile the other will pick out a nail polish with sparkles. Well, as for outfits – there are three difficulties in their choice: doubts about a purchase, the tiredness of trying on clothes and strangers. The shopping with my BFF saves me from this nonsense. Unlike a shop-assistant, she never imposes foolish raggeries and makes up her mind very quickly on what will match what. If we hang around the mall for too long one of us can poke her finger into the first blouse that comes across and we are ready to buy it even if it is of poor quality or reminds of a gown of great-grandmother. Above all, my bosom friend helps to make fun of a lady who has wormed her way into a changing room out of turn and jest “a mad house” around us.

Eating our fave food is a fab way to lessen the load of our troubles. We need tons of ice cream, hot chocolate, sweets, and popcorn. The list depends on our tastes. Causes may be different: a three day absence of the call from a fantastic guy who couldn’t take his eyes off me writing down my phone number, my best flirty dress without shoulder straps torn to shreds by the cat, my younger brother reading my text messages, failure in the selection on the principal staff of a volleyball team, an unfair home arrest and so on. Our fave movie is added to the products. Thanks to them both, I adore my Tanyushka more and get all the problems off my chest.

Volleyball training is a good way to hang out with my friend. I mean we do as well as miss it together. Sport cheers us up when we are down and it also helps us to explain to our parents why we sometimes stay out late, “We practised for important competitions and were so busy that didn’t have time to call you!” Long live volleyball!

In summer tender sun rays perk us up, bring a gorgeous glow to our cheeks and make us go to the countryside where we stick around for several days. The time spending in a countryside house turns into a fling especially when my gal pal is willing to share it with me. Everything takes on special significance: swimming, sunbathing, face packs, reading magazines racing one another, gossiping, making plans, sorting out our relations. My gal contrives to brighten up the communication even with boring neighbors. I’m extremely grateful to her!

I don’t really know what I would do without my BFF. I would go crazy!

The summer is at its best. But soon a new school year will start, and then we will become innocent hooligans again. The two pals will be late for classes, hit the mall, have eyes popping out of their heads, watch fave TV shows with tons of food, draw comics during lessons and ride shopping carts at the supermarkets.

I suppose that after description of our “super-sweet couple” you may think that we are crazy because of the way we behave. This is why I’d like to reveal our top secret. We don’t only amuse ourselves, but we also study at school like everybody else and I think we do it quite well. We do our homework, take English and French courses, take part in different competitions and participate in extra-curricular activities.

Here is our formula of happiness:

50% of school, chores at home and loads of boring stuff.

50% of chilling.

But to be honest it looks more like this:

30% of school, chores at home and loads of boring stuff.

70% of chilling!

By Rita Nikiforova ,
Linguistic Center "ECOLE", Sayanogorsk