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Готовимся к ЕГЭ

1. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

Olympic Records

The Olympic Games are the most 
important sports (1)________ in the world.compete
(2)________ begin preparing years inparticipate
advance, in order to give their best 
(3)________ on the day, to win a goldperform
medal and perhaps set a world record. 
The (4)________ as to who has actuallydecide
won must be made with great (5)________.precise
In the past, stopwatches were used for 
(6)________ the athletes, but often theirtime
(7)________ was questioned. More modernaccurate
technology, such as digital (8)________photograph
and computer timing systems, has 
(9)________ been introduced recently.fortune
This allows the judges to give results 
with greater (10)________.certain

Answers: 1. competition; 2. participants; 3. performance; 4. decision; 5. precision; 6. timing; 7. accuracy; 8. photography; 9. fortunately; 10. certainty

2. Phrasal verb to take

1. to take after – походить на кого-либо

2. to take away – уносить, забирать

3. to take back – брать обратно (свои слова); напоминать

4. to take in – принимать гостей; обманывать

5. to take off – снимать одежду; взлетать (о самолёте)

6. to take out – выводить на прогулку

7. to take over – вступать во владение, захватить

8. to take to – привязаться к кому-либо, пристраститься к чему-либо

9. to take up – браться за что-либо

10. to take + noun – совершать какое-либо действие, например: take a bath – принять ванную, take a walk – прогуляться, take measures – принять меры, take place – происходить и т.п.

Fixed Phrases

1. to be taken sick/ill – заболеть

2. take it easy – не расстраивайся, не волнуйся


2. Choose the right word or word combination to complete the sentence.

1. I forgot to ______ my umbrella. I’ll get wet through.

2. I’m sorry I was rude. I take ______ everything I said.

3. His story really took me ______. I remembered our childhood and our friendship.

4. Will you take the dog ______?

5. What time does the plane take ______?

6. After her father’s death she took ______ his firm.

7. Mary really takes ______ her mother. She has the same eyes, nose, mouth.

8. Don’t be taken ______ by his promises. He usually promises a lot but does little.

9. We have taken all ______ to save the company from financial crash.

10. He took ______ painting when he was thirty and soon became very famous for his portraits.

11. Where will the conference take ______?

12. I took ______ the children as soon as they appeared in our house.

Answers: 1. take; 2. back; 3. back; 4. out; 5. off; 6. over; 7. after; 8. in; 9. measures; 10. up; 11. place; 12. to


3. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

I (1)____________ hard all that day whether to go to the theatre with Sally or not. I seldom (2)________ to the theatre, but this time I (3)_________ I’d make an effort. When I (4)____________ home, I (5)____________ for something suitable (6)_________, and decided (7)____________ on a black Hugo Boss suit that I (8)_______ hardly ever _______ and hardly anyone (9)____________ me in before. Unfortunately, my car got stuck in a traffic jam and when I (10)___________ it was too late. I (11)________ never ________ Sally so angry.

1. a) had been thinking; b) has thought; c) had thought; d) thought

2. a) to go; b) go; c) am going; d) has gone

3. a) had thought; b) think; c) thought; d) have thought

4. a) was getting; b) was got; c) get; d) got

5. a) have looked; b) looked; c) had looked; d) was looking

6. a) to wear; b) wear; c) worn; d) to be wearing

7. a) to put; b) to have put; c) to be put; d) to be putting

8. a) have … worn; b) has … been wearing; c) had … worn; d) had … been wearing

9. a) have seen; b) had seen; c) has seen; d) was seen

10. a) arrived; b) have arrived; c) has arrived; d) has been arrived

11. a) have … seen; b) had … seen; c) did … see; d) was … seen

Answers: 1. a; 2. b; 3. c; 4. d; 5. b; 6. a; 7. a; 8. c; 9. b; 10. a; 11. b

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