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Environment and Health Care


1. Reading

Five sentences in the text are incomplete. Choose from the list A–F the one which fits each gap (1–5). There is one extra letter in the list which you do not need to use.

parakeet длиннохвостый попугай

The extinction of many species of birds (1)____________; since 1600 it has been estimated that approximately 100 bird species (2)_____________. In North America, the first species known to be annihilated was the great auk, a flightless bird that served as an easy source of food and bait for Atlantic fishermen (3)_________________________.

Shortly after the great auk’s extinction, (4)____________, the Carolina parakeet and the passenger pigeon in captivity both died in September 1914. In addition to these extinct species, several others such as the bald eagle, the peregrine falcon, and the California condor (5)______________________; steps are being taken to prevent their extinction.

A. have become extinct over the world

B. two other North American species

C. has undoubtedly been hastened by modern man

D. throughout the beginning of the nineteenth century

E. how several birds species became endangered

F. are today recognized as endangered


Key: 1. C; 2. A; 3. D; 4. B; 5. F

2. Listening

You will hear five people talking about different environmental problems. Choose from the list A–F which problem each one is discussing. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

1. The greatest environment disaster affecting the planet is not genetically modified foods or crops, the felling of tropical rainforests, proliferation of dangerous chemicals or even global warming, but the scourge of dirty drinking water. It kills 2.2 million a year in developing countries. Most victims are children.

2. Vehicles are among the worst sources of air pollution. Walk short distances, ride a bicycle or use public transport if it is available. Failing that, try to share a car.

3. About 2.5 billion people cannot get any form of modern energy, but rely on burning wood, crop wastes and animal dung for heat and cooking. In rural India, for example only a third of households have access to electricity.

4. The lower part of the stratosphere contains a band of warm gas called the ozone layer. Ozone absorbs very shortwave ultraviolet radiation – that is, the harmful, burning rays from the sun. These rays kill plants and cause burns, skin cancer, and cataracts in animals and man.

5. The Mediterranean Sea occupies 1 percent of the world’s water surface. But it is the dumping-ground for 50 percent of all marine pollution. Sixteen countries border on the Mediterranean. Almost all of them regularly dump shiploads of industrial waste a few miles off shore.

A. Nuclear waste

B. Shortage of clean water

C. Shortage of energy

D. Air pollution

E. The ozone layer

F. Water pollution

Speaker 112345

Key: 1. B; 2. D; 3. C; 4. E; 5. F

3. Use of English

Read these short dialogues and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.


– What (1)______ cucumbers?

– Cucumbers? It’s winter now and this means that cucumbers (2)_____ genetically designed, full of nitrates in (3)______ of their shiny look.

– Are you sure?

– Yes, even caterpillars die from the smell.


– Are you a vegetarian?

– Oh, no. I follow a saying “we are what we eat”. If I choose a carrot I (4)_______ a strong risk (5)_______ becoming a house-plant.

– So (6)______ I. I‘d (7)______ make a carrot salad and eat it with beef- steak.


– Try to imagine (8)_____ life of a vegetarian.

– What do you (9)_______?

– He or she eats his or her salad and sees (10)______ on TV “‘Pelmeni Bogatyrskie’ tasty and helpful for your health!”, “McDonald’s hamburgers – everything you need and even more!”

– This all affects a man’s nerves and stomach.

– Poor victims of vegetarianism.


– Do you (11)______ in for sport?

– Yes, I play in our school football team.

– What reason can you give for sport?

– Sport builds character. Sport helps to meet people. It (12)_______ you strong. It teaches you to be disciplined.

Key: 1. about; 2. are; 3. spite; 4. take; 5. of; 6. do; 7. better; 8. the; 9. mean; 10. ads; 11. go; 12. makes


1. Reading

Match the extracts from the newspaper articles with their headlines. There are two headlines you don’t need to use.

(1)______ As part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, the Bilbao Guggenheim museum is showing Art in the USA: 300 years of Innovation. Open until 27 April, this is the most important exhibition on American art yet held in Europe. Made up of some 200 works, the show creates a narrative composition of the North American experience, capturing its myths, its dreams, its difficulties and its vulnerabilities.

(2)______ The Department for Education and Skills links long hours in childcare with increased anti-social behaviour.

Mr. Jonson was addressing a teachers’ conference, which had heard warnings of the “institutionalisation” of children. Work hours and full time childcare were destroying family life, said teachers.

(3)______ No one has forgotten about climate change but the recent low temperatures and heavy snowfalls lift spirits in Alpine ski resorts.

“We forecast temperatures to fall below normal next week and slightly below average for the three following ones. Although the arctic air will be relatively dry, we expect about 30cms in new snow,” says a Swiss meteorologist.

The good start to the season has led to an unusually buoyant mood. Skiers enjoy fresh snow on the reopened slopes.

A. Long-hours threat to family life

B. How to spend time

C. Some centers have already opened

D. Weather forecast: extreme snowfalls

E. Injecting cash into money markets


Key: 1. B; 2. A; 3. C

2. Listening

Listen to the conversation between the tourist (T) and the druggist (D) and make the text below complete.

to itch зудеть, чесаться

repellent средство, отпугивающее насекомых

D: Good morning, can I help you?

T: Hope so. Can you recommend something for insect bites?

D: Are they mosquito bites?

T: I think so. I don’t…

D: Do you mind if I see them?

T: OK, it’s…

D: Oh, right, oh yes,…do they itch?

T: Yes.

D: OK, I recommend an anti-itching cream. I think if you put that on…and the most important thing is not to scratch them. Because you’ll be tempted.

T: I know, I’ve got sensitive skin, though… You sure it’s gonna be...?

D: You’ll be OK with this cream. It’s very, very mild, but that should help you. You know, prevention is the most important thing, so could I also recommend an insect repellent spray for you to spray in your room at night?

T: OK, that’s a good idea.

D: Yes? Ok, I’ll get you one of those, and that way you won’t have the bites.

T: So, how much is that going to cost me?

The tourist wants to buy something for (1)________ ________. He doesn’t know if they are (2)________ ________. The druggist recommends him an (3)___________ ________. He warns the tourist (4)____ ____ _______ the insect bites and also recommends him to buy an insect (5)_______ _______.

Key: 1. insect bites; 2. mosquito bites; 3. anti-itching cream; 4. not to scratch; 5. repellent spray

3. Use of English

Read these short dialogues and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.


– Are the Russians like or (1)________ from the British in eating habits?

– I think, different. Our habits (2)_______ on our way of life, economics, health service and many other things.

– (3)______ eating habits in Russia changed recently?

– In my opinion, they have (4)________ a lot because many people try to eat whole-meal products and believe in dieting.


– How long have you (5)_______ taking these tablets?

– (6)_______ Monday.

– You shouldn’t (7)_______ more.


– How long (8)_______ he been exercising? He is so sporty.

– All his life. He (9)_______ be fat (10)______ he stopped exercising.


– Do you go in (11)_______ sport?

– No, it (12)______ a lot of time and energy.

– But sport (13)_______ one strong and patient. It helps people to become good (14)________.

– Friends? I wouldn’t say that. I think people become rivals.

Key: 1. different; 2. depend; 3. Have; 4. changed; 5. been; 6. Since; 7. take; 8. has; 9. would; 10. if; 11. for; 12. takes; 13. makes; 14. friends

By Youdif Boyarskaya ,
School No. 814, Moscow