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Грамматические карточки по подготовке к контрольным работам за 3-й класс

(к учебнику Верещагиной И.Н. и Притыкиной Т.А.)

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Future Simple.

Card 1

It (to be) ____________ a fine winter day today. The sun (to shine) ____________. It (not to snow) _____________ now. The children (to be) ____________ in the park. They (to make) ____________ a snow castle. Tomorrow they (to come) _____________ to the park again and (to play) _____________ snowballs. Yesterday the children (to make) ____________ a snowman, but yesterday the sun (to be) ____________ hot and the snowman (to melt)____________.

to melt таять (правильный глагол)

Card 2

The weather (to be) _________ warm tomorrow and I (to go) ________ to the Zoo. I (to see) ________ many animals there. But I (not to feed) _________ them, I (to watch) _______ them. Last time I (to go) ________ to the Zoo in winter. But I (not to see) ________ my favourite animals. They (to be) ________ in the cage.

Card 3

– Where you (to be) in winter?


– I (to be) in the country.


– What you (to do) there?


– I (to skate, to ski, to sledge).


– When you (to go) to the country next time?


– I (to go) there in July.


Card 4

1. Where he (to be) last Sunday?He (to be) at the circus.
2. Why you (not to be) at school yesterday?I (to be) ill.
3. Why you (to be) at school on Sunday?The teacher (to ask) me to come.
4. Where you (to be) two days ago?I (to be) at my Granny’s.
5. She (to be) at the Zoo last month?Yes, she (to be).
6. You (to be) in London in 2007?No, I (not to be)

Card 5

1. What you (to do)?


2. Where you (to go)?


3. What she (to draw)?


4. What they (to read)?


5. You (to have) breakfast now?


6. You (to have) an English lesson now?


7. She (to play) the piano now?


8. What she (to sing)?


9. What you (to eat)?


10. Where he (to run)?


11. What game you (to play)?


Card 6

– Look at the photo. These (to be)_________ my relatives!

– What they (to do)? ____________________________

– Well, Father (to talk)________ over the phone. He (to be)______ very busy. Grandpa (to listen) _________ to music.

– Really! What music he (to like) ______________ to listen?

– He (to like)__________ classical music, and he often (to listen) ___________ to folk (народный) songs.

– What your brothers (to do) _________________?

– They (to play) ________ chess. Father (to teach) ________ them to play chess only a month ago. They (to play) ________ every day.

– When they usually (to play) ____________ chess?

– They (to do)_______ it in the evening. You (can) ____________ play this game?

– Yes, I ______. What about you? You (to play) _____________ with your brothers?

– No, I ________, because my father (not to teach)_________ me to play. He (to say) (говорит)________ that he (to teach)_______ me next summer.

Card 7. A guessing game

– What you (to do)________________________?

– I (to draw). Guess, what there (to be)__________ in my picture?

– Well! There (to be)___________ children in your picture?

– No, _____________. It (to be)_______ an animal.

– It (to be)_________ a wild/domestic animal?

– Yes, _________.

– What colour it (to be) ___________?

– It (to be)__________ grey.

– It (to live) in the deep forest _______________?

– Yes, it _______.

– It (to be)________ a wolf?

– You (to be)________ right!

Card 8

– Where you (to spend)_______ your last winter holidays? You (to be)________ in the country? You (to ski)_______ a lot?

– I (to spend)__________ my holidays in the mountains. I (not to be)___________ in the country, but I (to ski) ________ a lot. I can (to ski) _________ well. We (to go)_________ to the mountains every year. I (to learn)_____________ (to ski)_________ when I (to be)_______ only 5. My father (to ski)_________very well and he (to teach)___________ me (to ski) _____________.

– You (to go)___________ to the mountains next winter?

– Of course, I ____________. You go ___________ with us?

– No, I __________. First, I cannot (to ski)_________ and second, I (to go)________ to St. Petersburg. My cousin (to live)________ there. Yesterday I (to get) ________ a letter from her. She (to invite) (приглашает) _________ me (to spend)_______ July with her, so I (to go)________ to this beautiful city. I (to visit)________ the Hermitage (Эрмитаж) and other museums.

By Elena Zubets ,
School No. 1262, Moscow