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Word-formation в английском языке

Практические и тренировочные упражнения для 8–9-х классов

Word-formation является в последнее время неотъемлемой частью любого серьезного теста (включая ЕГЭ). В связи с этим, предлагаю несколько упражнений для тренировки на уроках.

1. A. Form nouns with the help of these suffixes (there may be more than 1 word):

employ, lonely, advertise, announce, determined, popular, instruct, manage, communicate, spectacular, entertain, responsible, celebrate, dark, invent, govern

-tion -ity -er/-or -ness -ment


act action activity actor

B. Complete the sentences with some nouns from A:

1. After fast and colourful sunset total ______________(dark) fell on the island.
2. The hotel was only 2 km from the city’s shopping and _______________________(entertain) areas.
3. There were over 10,000 __________________(spectacular) at the stadium on Sunday.
4. Whatever you do, it’s important to have ambition and __________________(determined).
5. Jane served as a ________________(govern) for Mr. Rochester’s little foster-child.
6. Initiative and social skills are always attractive to ________________(employ).
7. The industry needs better ________________(manage) rather than more money.
8. They invited a few __________________(celebrate) to open the festival.
9. Sometimes we prefer to use symbols and icons for _____________________________(communicate).
10. She takes her ___________________(responsible) as a teacher very seriously.

2. A. Form adjectives with the help of these suffixes and translate them:

1. -ful
wonder, beauty, care, harm, help, dread, respect

2. -less
care, harm, help, end, rest, pain, shape

3. -ous
mystery, fury, courage, nerve, danger, fame, envy

4. -y
salt, fog, rain, mud, dirt, sleep, storm

B. Complete the text with the adjectives:

careless, sleepy, mysterious, dreadful, courageous, endless, nervous, rainy, foggy, shadowy

One cold (1)________ night Sam was driving home. He felt tired and (2)________. The weather was (3)________. The rain seemed (4)________ and to make it worse it was getting (5)________. Suddenly Sam saw a lonely figure standing at the side of the road. He slowed down to offer a lift to the (6)________ pedestrian. But when he approached the (7)________ figure vanished. Puzzled and a little (8)________ Sam slowly continued his way and hardly had he covered 50 metres as he almost bumped into a big fallen tree lying across the road. He saw it just on time. Sam is a (9)________ man and he doesn’t believe in supernatural, but now he says that he is grateful to the (10)________ ghost that saved him from the accident.

3. A. Make opposite meanings with the help of these prefixes:

un-, in-, im-, mis-, ill-, dis-.

polite –
reliable –
true –
appear –
legal –
agree –
expensive –
able –
patience –
probable –
understand –
behave –

B. Paraphrase the underlined words.

1. The night clouds vanished and the sky was clear.

2. Not allowed by the law fishing can destroy marine life very badly.

3. He was so exhausted that he couldn’t answer our questions.

4. We are against their plan.

5. I can’t believe it, it’s false!

6. This ticket is quite cheap.

7. It’s very rude to leave without saying good-bye.

8. Children often act badly and cause trouble at school because of lack of attention at home.

9. I’m afraid you don’t realize the nature of the problem.

10. We could hear eagerness in his voice, he didn’t want to wait.

11. Don’t ask Val for help, he is a person who can let you down.

12. The story sounds not likely to happen!

4. Mind that these words have different spelling. In the sentences choose the correct word.

practise (verb Br) – practice (noun)
advise (verb) – advice (noun)
weigh (verb) — weight (noun)
panic (verbinf., noun) – panicking (present participle) – panicked (past simple, past participle)

1. My friend _________ me to buy this dictionary. He’s given you really good ________.
2. To get good results you should _________ more. __________ makes perfect.
3. When swimmers saw a shark they __________. In ____________ they turned to the boat.
4. – Do you know how much this rucksack ___________? – It’s over 20 kilos in __________.


1. A. employer/employment; loneliness; ad/advert/advertisement; announcer/announcement; determination/determiner; popularity; instruction/instructor; manager/management; communication/community/communicator; spectator; entertainer/entertainment; responsibility; celebration/celebrity; darkness; invention/inventor; governor/governess/government
B. 1. darkness; 2. entertainment; 3. spectators; 4. determination; 5. governess; 6. employers; 7. management; 8. celebrities; 9. communication; 10. responsibilities

2. B. 1. rainy; 2. sleepy; 3. dreadful; 4. endless; 5. foggy; 6. careless; 7. shadowy; 8. nervous; 9. courageous; 10. mysterious

3. B. 1. disappeared; 2. illegal; 3. was unable to; 4. disagree with; 5. untrue; 6. inexpensive; 7. impolite; 8. misbehave; 9. misunderstand; 10. impatience; 11. unreliable; 12. improbable

4. 1. advised, advice; 2. practise, practice; 3. panicked, panic; 4. weighs, weight

By Galina Matyokina ,
Lyceum No. 1535, Moscow