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George Washington


Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense form.

It (to happen) (1)___________ during the American War of Independence. A small unit (подразделение) of soldiers (to be) (2)___________ to put a heavy cannon (пушка) on top of a hill. They (to try) (3)___________ to do it for a long time when, suddenly, they (to see) (4)___________ a man not in uniform. Their officer who (to give) (5)___________ orders all this period of time (to look) (6)___________ at the man and (to say) (7)___________, “What you (to look) (8)___________ at?” “I just (to come) (9)___________ to this place. I (to walk) (10)___________ around for a few hours already, but I (not to see) (11)___________ such a commander as you (to be) (12)___________ yet. When your soldiers (to begin) (13)___________ putting up this cannon? How long the work (to take ) (14)___________ them already?” asked the man in his turn (в свою очередь).

The officer (to surprise) (15)___________ and (to say) (16)___________, “If you (to explain) (17)___________ why you (to ask) (18)___________ such questions I (to answer) (19)___________ them.” “My life already (to teach) (20)___________ me that if you (to want) (21)___________ something to be done you should take part in doing it. Why you (not to help) (22)___________ the soldiers?” – “Me, sir? I (to be) (23)___________ a corporal (капрал)!”

“Oh, yes! When I (to see) (24)___________ you I (to know) (25)___________ at once that you (to get) (26)___________ this rank (звание).” the man (to say) (27)___________ and (to begin) (28)___________ helping the soldiers. After the cannon (to put) (29)___________ in its place he (to address) (30)___________ the little officer, “Mr. Corporal, when you (to have) (31)___________ another job like this (to send) (32)___________ for your commander-in-chief (главнокомандующий) and I (to come) (33)___________ and help you.”

The corporal (to astonish) (34)___________. The man who (to help) (35)___________ his soldiers (to be) (36)___________ George Washington, himself.

Key: 1. happened; 2. was; 3. had been trying; 4. saw; 5. was giving; 6. looked; 7. said; 8. are you looking; 9. have just come; 10. have been walking; 11. have not seen; 12. are; 13. did begin; 14. has taken; 15. was surprised; 16. said 17. explain; 18. are asking; 19. shall answer; 20. has taught; 21. want; 22. don’t you help; 23. am; 24. saw; 25. knew; 26. had got; 27. said; 28. began; 29. had been put; 30. addressed; 31. have; 32. send; 33. shall come; 34. was astonished; 35. had helped; 36. was

By Yulia Borzova ,
School No. 1208, Moscow ;
Nina Kondrakova ,
School No. 1208, Moscow