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True Magician


Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense form.

Many years ago a King and a Queen (to live) (1)_________ in a wonderful palace in the main square of the city. They (to have) (2)_________ a beautiful daughter, called Rosie. There (to be) (3)_________ a tall square tower not far from the palace, where Rosie’s rooms (to be) (4)_________. Rosie often (to go) (5)_________ to the tower. While she (to walk) (6)_________ to the tower, Rosie (can) (7)_________ see a lot of wonderful flowers around her. First she (to open) (8)_________ a small door at the back of the tower, then Rosie (to come) (9)_________ in. When the girl (to become) (10)_________ 18, she (to be) (11)_________ the most beautiful girl in the country. People (to say) (12)_________, “We (to see) (13)_________ never anyone so beautiful. She (to become) (14)_________ already ________ a real rose!” The Queen’s daughter (can) (15)_________ only marry a magician. That (to be) (16)__________ a rule. Rosie said, “It’s the most terrible thing I (to hear) (17)_________ ever ________ of.” One night when Rosie (to sit) (18)_________ in the tower hall she (to look) (19)_________ in the mirror and (to see) (20)_________ a lovely young man’s face. Rosie (to think) (21)_________ that she (to meet) (22)_________ never ________ that man.

One day many magicians (to come) (23)__________ to the palace, because they (to want) (24)__________ to become Rosie’s husband, but she (not to like) (25)__________ any of them. Suddenly Rosie (to look) (26)__________ at one of the young men and she (cannot) (27)__________ believe her eyes. The very young man from the mirror (to stand) (28)__________ near her. He (not to be) (29)__________ a magician and (cannot) (30)__________ become Rosie’s husband. As their eyes (to meet) (31)__________ the girl (to understand) (32)__________ that she (to love) (33)__________ already ________ him. Rosie said, “This young man (to become) (34)__________ my husband very soon!” But the Queen (to shout) (35)__________ to the young man to leave their palace. Rosie said, “We (to leave) (36)__________ the palace together now!” Rosie and the young man (to leave) (37)__________ the palace and then they (to take) (38)__________ the road leading to their happiness.

Key: 1. lived; 2. had; 3. was; 4. were; 5. went; 6. was walking; 7. could; 8. opened; 9. came; 10. became; 11. was; 12. said; 13. have ... seen; 14. has ... become; 15. could; 16. was; 17. have ... heard; 18. was sitting; 19. looked; 20. saw; 21. thought; 22. had ... met; 23. came; 24. wanted; 25. did not like; 26. looked; 27. could not; 28. was standing; 29. was not; 30. could not; 31. met; 32. understood; 33. had ... loved; 34. will become; 35. shouted; 36. are heving; 37. left; 38. took

By Yulia Borzova ,
School No. 1208, Moscow