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Five-Minute Tests

Complete this text using the correct form of the verbs below.

write become x 2
describe follow
make be
sing bring

Life of the great song

Candle in the Wind by Elton John (1)____________ originally in 1973 as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It (2)________ how she (3)_______ popular and people (4)________ her everywhere, (5)_______ her life difficult, and she (6)______ very lonely. After the death of Princess Diana in 1997, Elton John (7)_______ the lyrics and (8)_______ it at her funeral. In the Diana version, he describes her as “the nation’s golden child” who (9)_______ happiness to so many people. It (10)_______ the biggest-selling record of all time.

Key: 1. was originally written; 2. describes; 3. became; 4. followed;
5. making; 6. was; 7. changed; 8. sang; 9. brought; 10. became

Put an apostrophe in the correct places.
0. That’s Jims new outfit.
Jim’s new outfit

1. Could you tell me where the girls changing room is?
2. Where are the childrens books?

3. The students test results were so good that the teacher praised him.

4. The students test results were so bad that they had to retake it.

5. I’ve got to go to the chemists.

Key: 1. the girls’ changing room; 2. the children’s books; 3. The student’s test results; 4. The students’ test results; 5. the chemist’s

3. (I) Circle the correct words in each sentence.
1. The result of the match/the match’s result was depressing.
2. We are going to climb to the mountain’s top/to the top of the mountain.
3. Have you read the newspaper’s back page/the back page of the newspaper?
4. Is the front door of the house/the house’s front door locked?
5. We saw Paul at the end of the road/the road’s end.

1. The result of the match.
2. The top of the mountain.
3. The back page of the newspaper.
4. The front door of the house.
5. The end of the road.

By Youdif Boyarskaya ,
School No. 814, Moscow