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Five-Minute Tests

Complete the sentences about yourself.
1. Somewhere interesting you’ve been.
2. Someone interesting you’ve met.
3. Something unusual you’ve eaten.
4. Something you’ve just done in your studies.
I’ve just____________________
5. Something you’d like to do.
I’ve always wanted___________
6. An activity you’ve never done.
I’ve never__________________

Key: Example Answers:
1. I’ve been to Buckingham Palace.
2. I’ve met the host of a famous show.

Correct the mistakes.
1. When he is leaving?
2. Where she lives?
3. Does he can speak German?
4. Did he came to you?
5. They married?

1. When is he leaving?
2. Where does she live?
3. Can he speak German?
4. Did he come to you?
5. Are they married?

Use the expression from the box to complete the table below. Then write a few sentences how to protect life on the Earth.

plant trees, bushes and flowers; break trees, bushes and branches; throw litter in the streets, forests, at school; protest against pollution; leave fire in the forest; destroy birds’ nests; feed homeless animals; pick up wild flowers; kill birds and animals; feed birds in winter; clean streets and other places; pollute water and air

We can (must) do or mustn’t do

Can (must)


Can (must)
1. Plant trees, bushes and flowers 1. break trees, bushes and branches
2. protest against pollution 2. throw litter in the streets, forests, at school
3. feed homeless animals 3. leave fire in the forest
4. feed birds in winter 4. destroy birds’ nests
5. clean streets and other places 5. pick up wild flowers
  6. kill birds and animals
  7. pollute water and air

to be continued

By Youdif Boyarskaya ,
School No. 814, Moscow