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Test Your English



Supply appropriate verb form following WISH.
1. I wish the weather _____ so cold now.
A. weren’t B. isn’t C) wouldn’t be
2. It is difficult to get there by bus. I wish I _____ a car.
A. have B. had C. had had
3. Ann is taking her English test tomorrow, but she doesn’t know grammar well enough. She wishes she ______ it better.
A. learns B. learned C. had learned
4. – Dad is angry with you.
– I’m sorry. I wish I _____ those offensive words.
A. didn’t say B. wouldn’t say C. hadn’t said
5. We had a wonderful holiday in Greece. I wish we _____ there again next summer.
A. will go B. would go C. went
6. I wish Janet _____ to the meeting tomorrow morning.
A. came B. could come C. could have come
7. Jane lost her key. She wishes she ______ so careless.
A. wasn’t B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be
8. I wish I _______ so much money. Now I have to borrow some from my parents.
A. hadn’t spent B. didn’t spend C. wouldn’t spend
9. Sue looks very upset. Her husband wishes she _______ about her son’s troubles.
A. didn’t worry B. doesn’t worry C. hadn’t worried
10. I’m hungry. I wish it ______ time for lunch.
A. is B. was C. had been
11. The cake is delicious, but I wish there ______ so much fat in it.
A. isn’t B. hadn’t been C. wasn’t
12. – Are you going to the seaside alone?
– I wish my friends ______ with me.
A. would come B. will come C. come
13. – Are you thirsty?
– I sure am. I wish we ____ some water with us today.
A. brought B. had brought C. would bring
14. I wish you _____ making that noise. It’s bothering me.
A. were going to stop B. had stopped C. would have stopped
15. I’m really sleepy today. I wish I _____ Gloria to the airport late last night.
A. hadn’t had to take B. didn’t take C. didn’t have to take
16. – It’s raining. I wish it _____.
A. stopped B. would stop C. had stopped
– Me too. I wish the sun _____ so that we could take a walk.
A. shines B. had shone C. were shining

Answers: 1. A; 2. B; 3. C; 4. C; 5. B; 6. B; 7. B; 8. A; 9. A; 10. B; 11. C; 12. A; 13. B; 14. A; 15. A; 16. B, C

Vladimir Pavlov ,
Moscow State Academy of Business Administration