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Dear Readers of English!
The good news is that now the New Year has begun!
Whatever the weather outside may be – atmospheric and political – we do hope that this wonderful holiday has brought you joy, pleasure and relaxation. We would like to share with you the warmth which fills our hearts throughout the year when we think of you, our devoted readers and contributors, and especially on New Year’s Eve, when we look back on what has been done (in many ways, thanks to your help), read your gratifying letters, and think about new features for English to meet your needs and expectations.
Because we would like to make the beginning of this year even brighter and more exciting for you, here are a few, hopefully pleasant, surprises.

We are happy to announce the first contests for the year 2008.

1. Contest: “English Language Week”
We imagine that almost every school in Russia has had the experience of celebrating a week devoted to the English language. We would like you to write stories about these events and activities.
This gives you the possibility to share your plans, your ideas and your successes with your colleagues all across Russia. You are invited to enter the contest, either individually or in teams; we especially encourage students to enter.
Three best authors will receive valuable prizes, and even entries not chosen for prizes may be chosen for publication in English.
Submissions may be sent by e-mail or postal mail in a standard format (i.e. readable fonts, double spaced pages, neatly typed or printed, etc). Please be sure to include your e-mail and other contact information.

2. Photo Contest

“My Creative English Class”
“My Very Talented Students”
“We Love English!”

You may send digital photos in computer format (jpg/tif) by e-mail to: eng@1september.ru, or standard photos by “snail-mail” to: English, Kievskaya 24, Moscow, 121165
All entries must be sent or postmarked by 28 February, 2008.

Stay with us! Some more contests are to be announced!