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Dear Colleagues and Friends!

The art of speaking has existed since time immemorial, and has been invariably praised and admired. The role of persuading people through speech can hardly be overestimated. It would not be an exaggeration to say that good orators and negotiators rule the world.
We have the honour and the pleasure to invite you to take part in the Third Open MELTA Competition of Speakers. You will have a chance to win the admiration of your audience in March in Moscow School No. 1208.

We invite teachers and students of 10-11 grades to participate. However, if your position does not meet these requirements, and still you are eager to present your speech –
do not hesitate to apply!

Each speaker will have not more than three minutes (three and a half, as an exception) at his/her disposal. Essential requirements to the speech include the following:
1. Logic. Proper Structuring.
2. Clarity of Expression.
3. Appealing to People’s Emotions, Needs and Expectations.
4. Good Phonetics and Proper Prosodic Arrangement (pauses, tones, speech diapason, volume, etc.).
5. Use of Rhetorical Devices (rhetorical questions; repetitions; change of tone, volume and/or timbre; use of allusions and quotations, etc).
6. Body and Movement.
7. Unique Personal Style.

For students:

1. Russia and the West: Fruitful Dialogue or Eternal Opposition?
2. Is Education in the Humanities a luxury not many people can afford nowadays?
3. Loneliness is a fair price to pay for “big city life”.
4. Patriotism is an outdated concept in the Global World. (Comment on the statement)

For teachers:
An Address to Your Colleagues.
(It was decided not to specify the topic, thus giving teachers the opportunity to choose from any burning issue regarding the modern education process, and to comment on it. This statement, however, should not be regarded as a must, only as a prompt – it may be any topic).

There will be several categories, and therefore – A LOT OF PRIZES! The best speakers will have a chance to publish their speeches and to present them at the annual teachers’ Marathon in April. You are going to become a celebrity! And to make a lot of friends!
Send your applications to eng@1september.ru before the end of February. Do not forget to indicate your full name, school number, grade, topic, address, E-mail address and contact telephone number. We will inform you of the exact date and time of the Competition. Good luck!

The world is your oyster! Conquer it with clarity and the excellence of your
performance! Present the best of you!